This country is not typically visited often by tourists, even though it is only about a 2-3 hours flight away from most European cities. You wouldn't wait in line in order to enter a museum or a site of interest. In the past tourism was not considered a priority for the country but now a huge potential has been discovered in this area. Serbia is a rare country with unspoiled nature: valleys and mountains, rivers, lakes, healing thermal spas and forests of exceptional beauty. The lifestyle, local cuisine and famous Serbian hospitality will make you feel happy you came to visit.

Travelling to Serbia is not just about visiting a place, it’s about having a taste of what it’s like to live there. With so many different nationalities and religions in a small area, it makes this country a truly unique place in Europe. Serbians have a great sense of duty towards family and home. The Serbian proverb "A guest is sacred" means that every guest that comes to your doorstep, whether it’s a friend or a complete stranger, you should host him the best possible way. In some parts of Serbia is very usual for the host to apologize at the end of guest visiting if anything went wrong during their stay. Many foreigners are surprised by such a warm-hearted reception and familiarity which is common in Serbia but not so in other parts of the world. They treat foreign guests with a great deal of pride.

We are Roberta & Nenad, a Canadian-Serbian couple. You could be guests in our B&B / Rental property GETAWAY ON THE HILL. We think that by using accommodations at houses with character is a good way to feel real Serbia. This kind of vacation will provide you a quiet, restful place to call home and also will give you a choice of enjoying Serbian events and discovering new places. If you want - we will show you Serbia. You can tell us what you want to see or you can leave it up to us. Fluent English and Serbian are spoken. If you go somewhere new and a host shows you all the best places, you will know the beauty and value of being in someone’s capable hands. This way you will have the opportunity to maximize your vacation time. You will learn first-hand the difference between travelling as a tourist and the experience of being a temporary citizen.

Even though you will be in our home, it doesn't mean you will need to feel pressured to become “part of the family”. Friendliness would not be forced on anyone - you will be totally private during your stay and you would enjoy a private suite. Our house is a place for people who are looking for a worry-free life and who appreciate quality in nature, food, drink, entertainment, music, silence ... The property is on Visoka Glava (High Head) Hill near the city of Užice and Zlatibor mountain. It's approximately 3 hectares (7 acres) with plenty of cleared land and it's 800 m (2600 feet) above sea level.